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Thread: 5 years

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    You actually are a moron, you spent four years here insisting i should change my username because it was a jinx for one, it was well beyond your limited understanding of the game to accept we just weren't good enough and that Rodgers fucked up royally

    Believing in the way the manager sets up and that it is THE best way to play in the modern era, the best found since the no back pass rule was introduced and that way of playing landing us a Champions League and a first Premier League title and playing that way (with the right personnel) has given us a level of consistency never before seen is moronic?

    Oh and it is moronic to appreciate the sheer beauty and synchronicity of 11 players playing a system so perfectly as one over a run of 20 odd games? I don't believe there is perfection in anything, you always have to look and strive to improve but some of our games in that run were as near to what people might view as perfection as I've ever seen
    Dear 19x
    1964-66 was my first real experience of top football and LFC, albeit seldom televised, had to mostly rely on fantastic newspaper reports and stop press and looking in shop windows for the results as they happened on teleprinter, but still the best assembled XI for me (and no subs allowed?)

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