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Thread: New moneyball investment

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCTV View Post
    It would be nice if you gave examples of this claim. Flesh it out a little. I'm not particularly in defense of bojo just he seemed to operate best and crush the threat to his leadership ie Farage.
    Farage called a nazi etc when merkel had said many of the same things as Farage about multiculturalism being broke.

    Here's a weak piece from the guardian. Is this what you are on about ?

    Free speech inludes the right to offend people. I've see the they look like post boxes one, what was the racist one ?

    Didn't he duck the interview with Andrew or are you referring to another televised debate with Corbyn ?
    Refusing to engage with media is a strategy and probably not a bad one. Media are ranked lowest of the public professions and their format is rather crap and hitman like. Seen mogg having to deal with Newman appaled at bbojos numeorus partners and lack of social conservatism, yet were mogg and bojos roles reversed she'd attack his social conservatism.
    Most people dont have much trust in them. Still Corbyn performs like a rank amateur in his interview with Andrew.

    I'd suggest some of Corbyn's most vocal twitter supporters were a bigger hindrance to him than the media. I'm not sure the left is aware of itself anymore largely.
    I guess you aren't British? So this seems to need explanation... Feel free to take your pick from these..

    A few snippets from the PM:

    Describing Commonwealth citizens as “piccaninnies” with “watermelon smiles”

    Calling Papua New Guinea a country with “orgies of cannibalism and chief-killing”

    Calling women wearing the burqa “letter boxes” and “bank robbers”

    Writing a poem about the Turkish President having sex with a goat

    Calling gay men “tank-topped bumboys”

    As for Corbyn - well I am not on about a single instance or claim:

    This was a complete and total character assassination of Jeremy Corbyn. The very same person who was genuinely attempting a radical change to how the super rich and big business are allowed to increase their wealth at the expense of us all.

    Lie after lie and spurious rumour headlining across the entirety of the press. And by association too “ The Labour parties so called appalling ( mainly invented ) Anti Semitism issues put entirely at his door. "He will bankrupt the country.” Just another soundbite that got rehashed over and over and over again.

    Corbyn's policies were never discussed but invented smears were the constant agenda.. Boris and his ragtag army behind the scenes were left untouched and completely shielded from scrutiny. It was as clear a breach of our so called democracy as there has been in modern times.

    The last resort came when all these bogus nonsenses were still not working - and came from within. His own party forcing him to waiver on Brexit - when he was totally convinced that the vote was over and Brexit had to be done..


    worth a read too

    I don't personally begrudge Boris the right to speak his mind either BUT the point it this. HOW did he get a free pass on clear and stated prejudice while Corbyn was relentlessly accused of being an anti Semite for daring to speak out against the repression and brutal treatment of those in Palestine?
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    Bloody hell - had no idea about this... Not that it surprises me that much - he is the epitome, the absolute personification of a cunt.



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