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Thread: Your team v Ajax (Champion's League)

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    Quote Originally Posted by faridtoxteth View Post
    He scored two for Brasil. Plays a bit of a different role.
    I feel this debate is just going round in circles. He's not an out and out striker.
    yes, but simply running isn't enough, all our players work hard under klopp, granted some more than others.

    He's not offering enough for me, his shooting has been pathetic at times, and a lot of games he just goes missing, I hope he gets back to his best, he even use to be more skillful

    Maybe he needs a rest or something, but yeah no real viable options to replace him with.

    I will say no more on the matter, as i'm bored of going on about him, but something isn't right
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    I think Minamino is generally considered as his replacement. I like Minamino and he has scored this season, but I don't think he offers as much as Bobby overall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nineteenx View Post
    100% no from me, WHY? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY move Matip, comfortably our best centre back after Virgil and by a distance, from the side of central defence in which he plays best to accomodate Gomez playing there when he hasn't ever reached matip's levels and in his last several games has been targeted by opposition teams as a weak weak point at RCB next to Trent and been found wanting badly, it's not fucking Championship manager, keep your best players in their best positions.

    In Virgil's absence the thing that makes THE most sense and gives our defence better balance is having Matip at RCB next to Trent as he is our strongest defender and Gomez or Fabinho who are weaker between Matip and Robertson who is also far better, especially supported by Mane and Gini and now Thiago


    Trent Matip Fabinho Robertson

    Wijnaldum Henderson Thiago

    Salah Firmino Mane

    Bobby plays all day every day for me, a lot of people hugely under estimate the incredible work he does that helps Mane and Mo be more free and score more and Bobby usually starts the league season fairly slowly and starts to find his best form from when the Champions league starts and through his involvement in it
    Why wouldnt you out your best header at LCB !!

    In your 433 Gini hasn't been upto the task of Rcm on a fair few occasions. He has been swapped with Milner on a few occasions where Milner started lcm.
    So in your 433 setup I'd play Matip at LCB and Milner at rcm, seeing as you've put fabinho into the back 4 and hendon at 6. Gini lcm where the task is easier.

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    Trent Gomez Fabinho Robertson

    Wijnaldum Henderson Thiago/Keita is back if thiago is injured I think, may be to soon though.

    Salah Milner(works hard init can support the other 2) Mane

    probably Milner will play if that's the case, and firmino up top obviously if i'm being serious, or maybe even jones? but in CL klopp seems to like playing milner
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    Quote Originally Posted by CCTV View Post
    Why wouldnt you out your best header at LCB!.
    You're not making any sense to me, why move Matip from RCB when he plays his best there, it's the side of our defence teams have all worked a lot at exploiting in his absence, with some success i might add and in some games part of that has been having their forward always pulling onto Gomez to win headers to build from there, again with some success i might add

    Wherever our weakest CB header of the ball is will be a point teams try to attack with longer balls, in terms of opposition players sometimes running off the back of our full backs, midfielders and our forward tracking back to try and take advantage of any headers won, our left side is far better protected and assured, so leaving Matip in his best position makes absolutely perfect sense
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