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Thread: LFC to take strongest possible action following derby VAR debacle

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    TAA is playing fifa with VAR mode off

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    Putting Henderson's disallowed goal to one side, if Pickford had been sent off, as he should've been, I'm pretty sure we'd have won that game comfortably. That's the decision that cost us. There have been dozens of similar tight/bizarre offside decisions.
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    The point really is, i watch several other top European leagues, none of them, aside for the odd, once in a blue moon incident have any furore or controversy about how VAR is used and applied, the Premier League can not continue being a law unto itself and using it to affect the outcomes of games contray to the laws of the game and prescribed UEFA/FIFA interpretation of said laws

    It did also happen in the UAE FC game yesterday, with Arsenal denied a penalty and no review conducted, when in every other top European league i watch, in which they use VAR correctly and apply the laws of the game correctly and in the Champions or Europa League it's a penalty, no fuss, no controversy, no officials doing as they please, penalty

    Yes there are elements of VAR that ppl don't like the UEFA/FIFA rules on how laws must be applied and interpreted, but what happened yesterday had nothing to do with that. The VAR official twice telling the match referee a player was offside when he wasn't is completely unacceptable

    Neither were one of the 0.5mm of a players shirt offside that everyone disliked so much, they simply weren't offside at all
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    In france they have the refs punching the players or kicking them.

    Top reffing that 🤣🤣

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    Doesn't happen in the other European leagues

    " I watch several other top European leagues, none of them, aside for the odd, once in a blue moon incident"

    Where there is 10 for a start in ligue 1 🤣

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    What would happen if the club put in a complaint about the manner in which the game was refereed?
    Even with mounds of evidence supporting us, the FA would become even more bent against us.



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