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Thread: January 2021

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    Marquinios really should put PSG in front with an unmarked close range header

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    everywhere and nowhere
    Quote Originally Posted by justme View Post
    Money makes the world go around
    Life is a cabaret

    Quote Originally Posted by dicko1969 View Post
    You do have a point

    UK increase of around 8million people in the last 20 years is mostly down to an ageing population in the uk people living longer and old geezer babyboomers.

    I think miller comes into that category 🤣🤣
    Me tooooo.
    Just turned 67!

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    I know this isn't a January thing - just thinking transfers in general.

    Kelleher. If he takes the no. 2 spot (which he has begun the process of doing) and Adrian leaves in the Summer, it frees up one of the "non-homegrown" slots in the squad.

    Now, I'm sure Kelleher has been showing good things in training - Klopp rewards good stuff - but you'd imagine this is a factor, even if it isn't the main one.
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