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Thread: The Midfield

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    Quote Originally Posted by boom-klopp View Post
    the rest

    keita can f..k off
    ox can f..k off
    jones who just doesnít have it sadly. i see no redeeming factor i can say hmm we can work with that. what does he actually do??
    milner who will be gone
    gini who will be gone
    I think Jones is there to create really. Can see him producing through balls, one-twos and shots from range over time - something between a "Gerrard-lite" or "Coutinho-lite" if you will, though he has probably had to play more Football than we would have wanted this season to do with injuries and thus the flaws in his game have been exposed a little bit of late.

    Milner is contracted until the Summer of 2022 I believe. So we have him for the remainder of this season and we have him for next season too, unless I'm mistaken or he goes to Leeds in the Summer. Which buys us a little bit more time for player acquisition / developing Jones.

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    Sooooo what's going on?

    Thiago is the only midfielder doing anything

    Time to play 6-1-3


    Or maybe 4-1-5?

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    He's not though.

    For some reason in the last few games Hendo's been asked to whip balls in from the half space like there's no tomorrow... which I don't like. He's basically become the primary crosser from the right instead of TAA.

    Wij is... Wij. He's been getting in advanced positions more of late but the goals haven't come. He should have won a peno against the Saints and he scored today.

    Let's see how we set up against United.
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