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Thread: Re: Me/RedNoodle. Is anyone curious as to what actually ails me/makes me rant?

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    Hi noods, whatever you decide to do, don't feel like you have to explain yourself to anyone, but at the same time, don't think people are going to judge you or say anything bad or anything like that.

    but we are all here for you too mate, from what you've said before you don't get to do much, or talk to many people at all so hopefully LFCONLINE helps in some way (even if it can get a little hostile at times haha)

    @Ian yes I had to say why I was away for a while and couldn't make predictions somehow haha, happened 2 years ago and only came to the end this year, alot happier now it's all over, even though i'm not doing much atm it's so much better

    makes you appreciate things a lot more, a lot worse people off in there, and out here, I think the average person doesn't know how lucky they are (I guess noods feels this more than anyone) I came off social media due to the constant bullshit moaning about pathetic things /rantover lol

    I am curious to know what's up, but at the same time I know enough from what you've said, and that's all I need to know. if i'm honest it's just hard to know what to say when you're going through everything you're going through all of us probably wish we could do something more to help, but it sounds like it can't get any better and it's something you have to live with which is horrible, i'm just sorry it's all happened to you, i'm sure your a good person because bad people never get shit... always the good ones (and how you are on here)

    you think "you go off on one" and people dislike it or get annoyed by it or whatever but that's not the case we know your struggling pal, your head can make you think the worst though I know that

    you can go "off on one" all you like, I hope things get a bit more "stable" for you soon, and not worse

    All the best.
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    Don't know whatever happened to you mate (I might have been on hiatus here or just missed), but I hope you successfully made it through!
    Etiam si omnes, ego non

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    We're all here for you.

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