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Thread: The demise of Liverpool Football Club

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    Gutted, Ings won't join us in the summer if we don't make the champions league

    !!! straight swap for firmino i was hoping

    ** totally not sarcastic

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    this is a strange season and the top two will drop points. they really arenít that great.

    it seems a pipe dream but a 6 game winning streak can make a massive difference. we can find ourselves top 2.

    the players need a pick me up from the fans so whoever is on social media needs to send them support.

    our great teams in the past used to be behind by large margins but put together runs to win by a couple of points.

    NOTHING is impossible. not for this team.

    it feels crap but come may/june we could be singing a different tune.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boom-klopp View Post
    it seems a pipe dream but a 6 game winning streak can make a massive difference.
    Seems particularly true this season.

    The media and ourselves could talk about City, United and Liverpool all season only for Leicester or Spurs or bloody Everton to have a say last minute.

    We might lose 3 more matches in a row and have the lunatics ringing TalkSport to suggest Klopp's sacking. We might win 9 in a row from March to May with Firmino scoring a no-look finish to win a Champion's League semi-final.

    Who bloody knows!?!?

    Klopp and the lads need to find solutions and they need them soon - but I still believe if we can Weather this difficult patch, find more creative options in build-up as the likes of Thiago get settled and get Jota back, things will turn around a bit and we can set ourselves up for putting our best work in for the last 10-13 games.

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