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Thread: The demise of Football Club Barcelona

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    Quote Originally Posted by eggy81 View Post
    Luis is still a beast

    Chomped his way to the top and still feasting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steveo View Post
    71% possession and this time a total of 2 shots on target.

    Selling Suárez to Atletico was a masterstroke
    I watched the 2nd half last night and they could still be playing and still not have scored. To say they are a shadow of the team we beat at Anfield would be a understatement and that wasn't their strongest team in recent years.
    Little Phil had a chance from 18 yards with only the keeper to beat. In his Liverpool days he'd probably tried to chip him or whip it into the bottom corner full of confidence. Last night he hit it straight at him. He got hooked shortly after and rightly so.
    There's talk of Bobby brown shoes maybe taking over but Barca can't afford to Sack Red Ronnie. That club is on it's knees and the only way I see them getting back will be with the help from Real buying Europe's best players again as no-one will want to watch Spanish football in it's current state. Althi are the current champions but no one outside their fanbase would pay to watch them. Simeone is a conductor on the sidelines getting the crowd going which is a good watch but I wouldn't want him anywhere near or club.

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    Would love it if a couple of La Liga sides did enough this year to ensure Barcelona finish outside the Champion's League places.

    Would be endless hilarity seeing that happen. As it stands, so many of the sides are bang-average that Barca can be crap all season and probably do just about enough.
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