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Was watching Prince Philip's funeral today, and noticed the amount of armed forces people involved. Got me thinking about this thread - patriotism - and realised that we in the UK and also elsewhere should be grateful for the way Britain held out against the Nazis in World War 2. Just imagine where the world would be if Britain and it's Commonwealth, and other countries, hadn't repulsed Nazi Germany.
We should be grateful for that particular generation and their spirit.
I wonder, would the current generation be willing, or capable, of doing what that generation carried out?
I felt much sorrow for the Queen yesterday. It was a peculiar yet majestic spectacle. Her face was hidden by her hat but she was alone in her grief - perhaps she was crying but never let it show!. For myself I never thought I would have felt such sadness for Philip but those images of his hats and gloves - wow. And that Land Rover too. The Queen is our last major connection to WWII. When she goes I fear for the UK.