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Thread: Real Madrid v Liverpool (CL Match Thread)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ianlfc View Post
    Who, Messi ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steveo View Post
    I am certainly no expert mate - I donít even work in football.

    Even if I were - it seems you are asking me to pluck a percentage out of the air. I can see no way to put a meaningful percentage on this.

    BTW I see Sterling as far far less of a key player for City than Manť has been for us. He has played with better technicians and in a significantly bigger squad. Itís a very different scenario. Sterling performed or he had someone like Sane come in and his place could be gone. This is a natural motivator.

    I donít believe Salah, Manť or Bobby have had anything like that until Jota arrives and starts scoring. Thatís an awful long time to be pushing yourself - knowing that you probably donít actually need to reach such heights. You are starting regardless. Itís mentally exhausting. Thatís before we look at the physical work and sacrifice Manť has made. Ditto Bobby ( the guy has literally put his body on the line ) and to a slightly lesser extent Salah.

    This could be a big part of why the goals have dried up. The front 3 - like both Full Backs have all been in the same boat. Nobody is rotating with them and they are playing in every high profile game without fail.

    This is where I feel for Klopp. He clearly only trusts a select few based on ability and drive - but he doesnít have enough of them.

    That doesnít mean you are wrong.

    It might just be that Klopp is happy with the small squad he has. That he doesnít want more first team choices and perhaps even ok with the fact that the only viable options Ox - Keita & Matip are perennially unfit.
    The idea of plucking a number out of the air is simply to give it an estimate.
    Like if you had Sterling in the range of 95-99% of the work demands of Mane, I'd go fair enough and the minutes played over recent seasons wouldn't be a major issue for either or both runner into the ground. Anything getting closer to 90% or less and I'd say you're miles off, but I'd be plucking my estimate from the air too.

    I think Sane is a better player than sterling, just a bit lazy. But sterling has been a key player and a reliable starter.
    I get your point about mentally knowing theres a quality option on the bench, but these things can be flipped on their head too. Mane didn't have to deal with the constant threat of another stealing his place.

    I think Klopp is on the record as saying he prefers working with smaller squads (not searching for it).
    I also think he firmly believes in his methods and plays his best players as much as he can. Outside of rotation at centre mid he rarely rotates when all are fit.
    Brewster, Origi, Shaq are all players who could have seen more minutes and even when games were done he'd rarely sub off one of the front 3.

    No matter how harsh people want to be on those 3 or other options as footballers, they could play minutes when we're cruising to a victory and yet he doesn't go for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scientificred View Post
    My prediction
    Liverpool 3-1, penalties will decide
    Not sure my Heart could take that

    How many times have we overturned a 2-0 first-leg deficit does anyone know?

    Auxerre in....I don't know if it was 90/91 or 91/92 but we were back in Europe after the ban. We were 2-0 down after the first leg but won the second leg 3-0.

    Then there's 3-0 down to Barcelona and we win 4-0.

    That's it, isn't it? The other situations (Chelsea in 08/09, Zenit in the Europa League where Carra scores the own goal to name a couple) we haven't quite managed, correct?

    Would be ridiculously boss if we do it. It's tempting to throw the kitchen sink in it but it could be a grind - wouldn't surprise me if we get a first goal after 60-75 minutes and then the tension kicks in as Real aren't sure whether to try to see it out or push for the killer goal.

    Main thing is the performance - we have to turn up this time. Can live with losing if we give it our all and it isn't enough. If we start slow and never kick into gear I'll be very unimpressed.

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    Iíd give us a real chance with a full ground but not with an empty one and one win there in 7.

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