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Thread: Real Madrid v Liverpool (CL Match Thread)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jr81 View Post
    Yep, would agree 100% with that. The injuries to the CBs has messed up how we play. But it has been said that it may show a weakness in klopp in that he can't adjust?
    Adjust with what? Stevie's right about the lack of investment while we were on top, we only have Hendo in our entire midfield who can consistently play the types of ball our forwards and full backs thrive off, we don't have the midfielders to play differently, our midfielders primary role has been to support our forwards and full backs playing as high as they did, being good at collective pressing and winning second balls, rather than incisive passing or dribbling or scoring goals, Thiago can't play those direct but devastatingly effective balls Hendo did or Virgil and Matip did from deep, he has different skills, but the movement or our forwards isn't set up to utilise what he's great at
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    Quote Originally Posted by miller0863 View Post
    The problem is, they didn’t have to do anything special tonight to score three ridiculously easy goals. So they are obviously going to score another couple at Anfield.
    Long 50 yard ball over the top, assist from our own right back and the third from a straight forward throw in. At this level we’re going to get found out.
    The 3rd one was poor from TAA and Phillips. Only 1 player in the box to monitor and both leave him with a free shot. None of them tried to block it.

    The defending of the edge of the box for the throw in wasn't much better mind. So frustrating.

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    Some of the players out there have arsenal like attitude and it stinks after the success we've had to said players, I hope they leave.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kev0909 View Post
    Jota on the left and Firmino up front for me until end of season origi as rotation, mane in the reserves hopefully someone will buy him in the summer, his attitude stinks for all the stick I give Firmino at least he looks arsed and wouldn't of let Kroos pick out a pass while mane just watches.

    It was Jota who didn't bother pressing Kroos Kev, he just stood and watched him
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    Wijnadlum is ok in the premier league thats why i want him to stay. But he lacks real ability of control and passing against better teams. we really need an outstanding dominant centre midfielder.. we dont have one.henderson is the best in that position.Fabinho was poor this evening so was everyone else.hes still the best DM in my opinion. Just need to sort out in front of him
    Its really difficult for any team to get the right balance between attack and defence..LikeEag said previously last season we were more patient and didnt over commit. We had 3 solid centre midfielders in Fab/Henderson and Wini.. was our defence and a solid midfield that won us the league. We hardly conceded in lots of games.
    I don't get the approach at the moment.. we are way to open. You cant really control games when your running around everywhere.. We didnt have the ability on the ball to cause Madrid problems.but that was always going to be the issue., Just long balls caught us out numerous times. Thats the weird part of it all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nineteenx View Post
    Owen actually nailed a part of what's been wrong this season, a big part of how we played was reliant on our being able to attack sides and be entirely secure leaving our 2 CBs, Virgil and Matip, 2v2 at the back

    That's why, although they have done reasonably well, I would probably keep Phillips as a 5th CB for cup games and emergencies, and I wouldn't sign Kabak, we need another top class commanding CB
    If the Konate rumours are true I'd say its unlikely we sign Kabak. Both him and Philips could possibly end up leaving. We certainly won't keep both as Matip will still be there.
    Whats gone unnoticed is the complete waste of time and money the Davies signing has been, what was the point in it. He will surely be moved on without even kicking a ball.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steveo View Post
    Mané is gone - Klopp just hoping for some magic - let’s face it - we are looking for more miracles.
    This time its different.
    Compared to 2019 v Barcelona.
    I said we would still get through at 3-0.
    The 1st leg was never a 3-0.
    And it was Barcelona who can be got at.
    This season , this team is year 4 or 5 of the cycle.
    Hunger and desire gone. 1 player wont be here next season (gini) . Others looking ahead too like Salah Mane Firmino.
    This team is older (old). Plus it doesn't have leaders like VVD and Henderson. Others are frustrated like TAA and Robertson who looked stars in the team in 2018 2019 2020.
    Now it's a struggle.

    The 2nd leg isn't like Barcelona it is Real Madrid and they are snidey and will do all to get the result they need in any shape or form.

    This time I don't see it so clearly. Liverpool are in bad shape, bad form, inconsistent and very far from mentality monsters.
    “We have to change, from doubters to believers—now.”

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    Fair result apart from some diving stuff.
    we have great attackers, great midfielders, great keeper, but average defenders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insidious View Post
    Fair play to you CCTV. I admire your belief after what we just watched.

    Real were so savvy in midfield. I personally can't see us overcoming that AND making next to no errors on top of that. But hey, who knows. Weirder things have happened.

    We probably need a goal in the first 15 minutes of the second leg, with a massively energetic performance, to give me faith. One shot on target that I can recall (the goal) on a night where they missed Varane and Ramos - it's tough this.

    Really respect your Faith in the side. Normally I'd be brimming with it but this has been a very unusual season.
    Just one game Sid.

    That tonight was shite, Klopp acknowledging his regret at having to sub Naby off for 'tactical' reasons.

    By tactical he means he was shocking and did fuck all in the rcm position, a tough position in our side.
    Done best by hendo, then milner, then Jones (surprisingly) and then Gini. If you want to play a 'baller' like Phil/Thiago/Keita you plant them on the left.

    Tough task at anfield but that's life

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steveo View Post
    Not really.

    Look I understand you probably live in a very isolated place and have had little genuine interaction with real people but even you must surely be able to accept how shockingly poor FSG have handled the club since the summer of 2019.

    I would describe it as a handicap!

    Leaving any family ties you may or may not have to the beloved John W Henry - Son of a soy bean farmer - aside.... surely you can see?
    You've moaned about them for as long as I've seen you posting, there decision to revamp anfield and not go for a new stadium included. Posted articles about them in a negative and decried american owners generally.

    I've advocated for Mbappe to be signed and was derided by dicko for suggesting we should have signed a CB last January.
    Could fsg spend more, sure, I've made the case extensively for us spending a fair wedge on signing mbappe.

    There are many points where I can agree with you, but it is still down to Klopp to manage what he has at his disposal. When he gets it right and he can get it very right its ace.

    There were 2 players on the bench who suit our rcm position better than Naby, Milner the grunt and Jones, even thiago a third.

    Klopp went for naby and would have blown a gasket at what he saw, hence the humiliated substitute before half time. In a game of such importance you reduce risk. He took a risk with Naby and it didn't pay off. Wasn't forced upon him and he was too slow to react.

    As bad as it was tonight there are still 90 mins to play.

    Zidane has imo benefited greatly from his mentorship under Rafa. Got casemiro to cap off their midfield unit and learned a fair bit about defending deeper. Something Klopp and pep can't really get sorted, yet deride it.
    Real played smart, gave few chances for us to play as we did v Leipzig and exposed the risk taken by klopp clinically. Keitas lack of defensive contributions caused us a lot of issues, Gini whose struggled there before, gave a relative masterclass second half.

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