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No such thing as a white man, many would disagree.

You never said you didn't see white, implying you've seen white.

White is an ideal that can never been achieved.

I'm trying to follow you here SR, but you're saying I've never seen a white man, whilst suggesting you've seen something that you also say cannot exist.

It's a bit like the case of a circle, I've seen circles where a perfect circle cannot exist in nature. Same goes for a triangle etc

It seems you are using a definition that necessarily must not exist in reality relating to colours to eradicate black and white people.
Yet are willing to concede that colours are a matter of convention whereby we have numerous cases of people referring to black with things that actually exist.

It's probably not worth the effort but I find it curious and humorous. Bojo the brownman Johnson has white privilige !!
Black and white are perfect ideals.
I have not claimed to have seen either.
Similarly Circles, triangles, squares etc. are perfect ideals - as per ancient Greek ponderances - as they can have no line thickness and in the case of triangles and squares etc. their corners are connected by perfect straight lines in a single plane which itself also has no depth.
You can refer to BoJo's colour as you wish.
I have no wish or need to describe his colour.
I made my post because I believe the use of black and white to describe the peoples of this Earth is divisive.