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Thread: Liverpool's Premiership Trophy Parade

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    Liverpool's Premiership Trophy Parade

    Do we even want it now?

    We've had a 30 year wait, and due to the pandemic, now will be at least 31 years until the parade, however, do we now even bother having it at all?
    To celebrate a trophy that we capitulated in breathtaking style, would feel a bit Spursy?

    It's a tough one, as we've all been craving it for so long, but now it won't feel the same.
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    Absolutely no chance. We'd be a laughing stock. The moment has gone unfortunately.

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    Any time from when we won it would have been ok, but we are not even champions any more so any parade now would be pointless.

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    No parade now mate we need to help Man Utd get new owners so they can spend billions to win again.....sorry I meant help reclaim football back.

    As Tees said we'd look stupid to try it.

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