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Thread: Pundits and commentators

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    The pundits and commentators are also balls deep in trying to normalise all the bent refereeing and VAR calls, I would bet a kingly sum that the sublime Cavani 'goal' wins goal of the season, were it legitimately a goal, I would have no problem with that outcome whatsoever, it was a wonderful strike, however, it wasn't a legitimate goal, Fernandes didn't touch the ball from De Gea which meant Cavani was offside, yet despite replays clearly showing that, rather than call it out, MOTD doubled down and entered it into their goals of the season competition
    Goal of the season is Alisson.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCTV View Post
    Goal of the season is Alisson.
    It is for me you and the rest of us, for drama, for importance, for the incredible mentality monstrosity of it from both Alisson and Trent, the ball in and the finish
    "If Everton were playing at the bottom of my garden, i'd close the curtains”

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