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Thread: Manager Merry go round...

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    Don't do it Rafa - don't do the dirty

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    Might take points off United and Shitty…. but it isn’t ideal

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    I still think Nuno will get the job.

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    I think it’ll be fecking brilliant. No lose for us. If he’s good we can say told ye he was great and it took a Liverpool legend to sort their mess of a club out. If he’s shit we can sing his name as we stick 4 past them on their way down the league. Maybe he’ll even wave

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    I think its embarrassing and desperate. It will not end well so why take that job? He doesn't need the money.
    Why are the Everton board even entertaining the thought?

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    Quote Originally Posted by teesred View Post
    I think its embarrassing and desperate. It will not end well so why take that job? He doesn't need the money.
    The man loves working and he would be close to Home. He's also "Continental" - attitudes about managing a rival / selling players between rivals are a bit different in much of the rest of Europe to England for example.

    In England you wouldn't see many teams switch from Liverpool to Everton or Man United (or vice versa) whereas there have been 26 transfers in the last 26 years between the two Milanese clubs.

    Rafa may very well feel he and his wife have given enough to the city in terms of charitable deeds and so on that managing Everton isn't "that big a deal" in his mind, compared to what some supporters of the respective clubs might think.

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