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Thread: Floods across Europe

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    Floods across Europe

    Sympathy to all those affected, although, there is a huge degree of irony about the unfortunate people in Germany who were hit the hardest calling for more to be done about global warming, they were after all the nation who were responsible for the inception of obsolescence, the major contributory cause of global warming which no-one ever talks about because ending it, including the new obsolescence of witholding the latest technology to release a new upgrade of everything each year, would massively restrict the ability of the people who control all forms of communication to continue making more money than they can spend in 100 lifetimes

    Edit: Do you think they're hoarding all that money and absolutely destroying the planet with their practices to make it because they believe they have or will have the technology to build their own perfect Elysium (from the film) style world in space in the future
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    yeah they already have a moon base. all they gotta do is sit back a few decades and then disappear up there
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    If consuming stuff and producing carbon dioxide is really causing extreme weather then the clear-up operation and subsequent rebuild of houses and flood defences will only make it worse.

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    If only they'd of listened to Noah. It was a problem back then as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ianlfc View Post
    If only they'd of listened to Noah. It was a problem back then as well.
    It rained for 40 days and 40 nights back then, although that was probably in winter time to be fair. I expect it played havoc with Christmas.

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