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Thread: Harvey Elliott

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    I'm please the surgery has been successful for Harvey, he was however, very rapidly falling into the Jones/Gomez category of being wildly overrated

    He did keep the ball moving very quickly with some decent touches and passing, without producing anything exceptional or creating anything, but he was poor in the press and counter press and made numerous incredibly poor decisions in that respect.

    We'll more than likely play our best midfield 3 in most games now

    Thiago Fabinho Henderson

    With Keita and Oxlade both getting some games for Thiago and Hendo and Hendo playing some games at No6 too

    I think that 3 is our best midfield, quite comfortably so, with Fabinho improving with the ball and in the press of late too, we have far better experience and ability with the ball and in the press with that 3
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    Glad you've finally come around to recognising our Fab 19. 😁

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    Quote Originally Posted by teesred View Post
    Glad you've finally come around to recognising our Fab 19. ��
    I just wanted him to bloody improve, that's how it is supposed to work, get injured, player comes in, plays the role far better, pressing, leading the press and especially distribution, you're not supposed to get free pass and walk back into the team, you're supposed to work harder than ever to raise and develop your game to be better than the player who came in for you and demonstrate that when you get the chance

    He isn't better at No6 than Hendo, he never will be imo, but, he has made considerable improvements to his passing in particular and when he's 'sitting' as he has been, his issue with leaving his man in the press can't be exposed, so I'm pleased at the improvement in the passing and that he's just sitting for the majority, it's working and it's the best use of his abilities
    "If Everton were playing at the bottom of my garden, i'd close the curtains”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nineteenx View Post
    That isn't difficult Kev, Jones is wildly overrated, too slow, physically and in speed of thought, lacks intensity and is far to stuck on the mould of a Stevie G wannabe, without anything approaching Stevie's incredible talent
    Yes sadly it doesn't look like he'll kick on for us, could do with a loan out but with elliots injury and the injury record of some of em in midfield, it won't happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LEGS View Post
    Not the worse news I guess but I suspect 5-6 months out with the vague statement.
    If he managed to recover in 5 months he would be back for (approximately) the second-leg of the last-16 of the Champion's League.

    I'd love for him to get minutes in Europe this season. Doesn't need to be many, but just to experience it.

    Imagine the injury doesn't occur and he gets to play against AC Milan under the lights at Anfield. Would have been an unreal experience for him.

    Wasn't to be. Onwards and upwards.

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    Jones still young and have time and space to improve, we got something like 15mil quality player for free.

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