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Just to let those who were concerned
The baby pigeons are ok.
And a remark...
Not even a quite innocent post such as this escapes the vitriole and bile that abounds on this forum.
And on a check... No post to honour the passing of Jimmy Greaves.
What a sham of a football forum.
RIP Jimmy . You were the best at your trade. footballer striker and pundit too.
Perhaps Saint beamed you up!
Bye bye!
Maybe you have it too easy and have become too soft if you are so disturbed by posts on a forum.

You could have started a thread for him, could have driven some interaction and saved yourself from complaining about another grievance.
Funny guy, apparently gutted when England won the World Cup. Johnny Giles recalled him making a tackle on Giles and the ref giving a free kick against Jimmy. Jimmy hounded the ref in a humorous manner, saying that's my first tackle of the season and you gave him a foul.
Never really seen him on TV myself.