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Thread: The Egyptian King

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    A lot saying he’s happy here. We don’t know that for sure. If he’s smart enough, he’ll realise that going elsewhere, may mean regular trophies, but he won’t be the star in that lineup. Going to PSG, he’ll be overlooked by messi and neymar and Mbappe if he stays there. It would be a similar situation to the one he found himself at Chelsea. Went to Roma and became the main man. Same with us here. Shame the others around him (Bobby /Mane) can’t show the form of a few seasons ago

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    It was reported by the Daily Mirror that Mo Salah’s entourage has demanded a whopping £500,000 per week from Liverpool to secure the forward’s long-term future.

    That report – linked above – ran over the weekend and caught the eyes of many Reds fans, but it now seems the details are wide of the mark.
    The Liverpool Echo, perhaps the most reputable source of information on the club,(Lolzzzz) have moved to quash the rumour.

    Ian Doyle, the newspaper’s chief Reds writer, doesn’t reveal more than what is already known – but does clarify that Salah is not demanding wages ‘in the region of £500,000-a-week’ from the club.
    Naturally, many Liverpool supporters didn’t pay the Mirror report too much attention, but it can now likely be entirely dismissed.

    The Athletic’s James Pearce recently stated talks between the club and Salah’s entourage have been ‘productive’ and that there isn’t any reason to be concerned over contract negotiations.

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    Realistically there's only a limited number of clubs who can pay 500k per week - Utd, City, Chelsea(?), Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG

    It's only really Real out of that list that could move for him, but they've apparently got Mbappe coming on a free
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    Not entirely enamoured by sticking Mo very wide right with Trent looking to drift inside in space behind him, a lot of Mo's goals in his Liverpool career have come from him being the inside forward with the width coming the other side from Robbo or Mane, most of Trent's assists in open play have come from being wide deep or advanced

    I get that it is likely a move to develop and use and develop Trent's abilities to try and thread low balls through channels and put crosses in from inside deep, but we'd be better off working on rekindling the once devastating Mane/Robbo partnership we let go to ruin last season imo, Trent can get the opportunities to do those things supported by Hendo at RCM when either goes outside and the other comes inside
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    2 more goals and he will be in the top 10 of all time goal scorers for LFC. some going and hes not finished yet
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