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Thread: Match Thread : Liverpool v Man City

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    At least we didn't concede whilst getting battered for most of the half

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    Well that was akin to Porto’s midweek performance against us. We look to have a nervousness about us borne out of some sort of inferiority complex.

    Not going to blame any individuals, all 10 outfield players were absolutely awful.
    They need to be thanking Alisson for keeping us in it.

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    Hendo to right back and Milner to rdm alongside fab please Jurgen

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    Bring Salah on !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crimson Dynasty View Post
    Again I ask, can the Greek play on the right fullback position?
    Perhaps even stick Robbo at right-back and Tsimikas at left-back?

    Ox has played full-back for Arsenal as well. Or bring another midfielder on and stick Hendo out there?

    It certainly can't be Milner for another 45 minutes.

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    Only really Virgil,Matip,Alisson and Robbo did their job there. The rest were abysmal.
    Midfield is so poor its unreal, Jones may aswell not be in, same for Jota. They're not doing enough.
    Pretty much everyone's passing is off.

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    Yeah Klopp, you run down that fucking tunnel and think of what youve put out today.

    Why cant Minamino get a start? Is he that far down the pecking order or is he really shit in training?

    Again with the "one tactic approach" City and Guardiola are used to it by now and will be all over us and first to the loose ball

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    You know we're loaded when we have to play milner at RB against one of the best teams in the world

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insidious View Post
    We've the option of sticking Gomez out there at least (unless injured and I missed it?) if Klopp feels very stuck.

    If Ox was in something resembling form I'd want him on to get some dynamism in.

    UNREAL work from Alisson to stop Foden!
    No, Gomez is on the bench. They can replace them all for me, and City aren't much better though at least they've managed to hit the target

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    Dunno about wrong boots on Henderson seems to have the wrong feet on at the moment. Anyway I think Klopps tactics have ruined the first half. we tried to go long and gave the ball away to often. Eventually city have got into the game,
    Leader of all..master of none..

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