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Thread: Stevie G new villa manager.....

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    He'd have been better waiting for Moyes to get the filthy job for the first time and pitching for the West Ham job
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    Footage of an "adult" Rangers fan punching a cardboard cut-out of Stevie, presumably in frustration of his departure, despite stopping 10-in-a-row, which is extremely important to them.

    The get up maximises the hilarity/how pitiful it is, depending on how you look at it -
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insidious View Post
    Think Lijnders is likely to get the gig, but can discuss that in another thread.

    Interesting choice with Villa. I don't think they're awful, so avoiding relegation wouldn't be cause to declare him a top manager, but they also probably aren't going to get Europa League football easily with Spurs/Arsenal/Leicester around, so I'm not entirely sure what he can "prove" with this job by finishing mid-table a couple of times.

    Anyway, very best of luck to him. He clearly understands it's a process unlike a Ryan Giggs figure. Hope he gets what he wants from the job.
    Why do you or others think lijnders would get the job ?

    Most of those against Gerrard getting the job cite a lack of experience. But he'll have managed rangers and villa by that time whereas lijnders only has 20 odd games at the senior level in management under his belt.

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