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Thread: Serie A

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    Serie A

    Last thread was closed due to exceeding 100 posts.

    This one won't reach that tally easily as there's a relative lack of interest and totally understand it will close eventually when it crawls to the 100-point mark.

    In the meantime, it's nice to see Napoli and AC Milan battling for the title so far (as opposed to Juventus or Inter) and a special shout-out to Mourinho's Roma side that are languishing in 8th spot at present, which could (if things continue) prove to be Maureen's last job of any relevance - perhaps the MLS or something for him next.
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    Vlahovic looks a great talent. Canít see him staying with la viola past this season.

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    Think the league has got more interesting again lately.

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    Good entertaining game from Mourinho's Roma winning 2-0 to take them up to 5th in a tightly contested table.

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    Juventus lose again.

    They have a big task on their hands to get Champion's League football next season.

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