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Thread: Shameless Referal offer (Zilch 15 quid free to user on amazon just etc)

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    Shameless Referal offer (Zilch 15 quid free to user on amazon just etc)

    Ends friday*****

    Sign up using the ref link.

    Verify your details, mobile verification.

    Receive 1500 points in your wallet, worth 15.

    Add your debit card details, advice to use Revolut /Monzo or any internet banking to be on safe side but reviews are legit so I don't think there's much risk.

    Choose the company

    Enable the discount and click enable on the store
    *Make sure you do this step should be bot of "how you pay" make sure you use the slider i've got myself some free work socks off amazon! didn't work on my PC but could see it on phone

    Zilch will navigate you to Amazon, add your Zilch card to the payments section.

    Buy a 15 Amazon Gift Card, using the Zilch card.

    You will then within minutes receive your 15 gift card via email and Zilch will notify you on the app. (app not needed)

    Offer only to friday been going around on facebook, don't see much of a catch, and after googling it pretty sure it's safe, just don't use your own money by accident and make sure you use sldier.

    Payday isn't till 23rd

    Can use on amazon just-eat and a few others, I've used it on amazon and it's actually worked normally very skeptical with this sort of thing, so I looked into it on google etc, they must be losing out on a lot of money from this offer, and it's all over facebook.

    I'd advise not using it outside freebies, fuck klarma credit type shit, it's made to get people into debt and spreading payments etc. it does seem like a really easy way for easy 15 ! share it with friends if you feel comfortable enough with your own link ?? profit. i'm trying to find a catch but I can't really see a big one unless you make a mistake not using the reward points / slider. took me a while to get it working because on my computer it kept saying payment declined, because browser didn't show the slider, unlike on my phone then it worked
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