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Thread: Trans Athletes competing in women sports

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    Trans Athletes competing in women sports


    Before anyone jumps on and talks about others being transphobic, pipe down.

    There is a moral unjustness in this. Recently, a trans female competed in a womens swimming event, crushing all records and there's been a massive debate in the US about the fairness of such actions. It's all good talking about their rights, which I don't object to and object to them being trans, but what about the rights of those women competing in specific sports and how they are immediately at a disadvantage.

    It's genuinely gone too far now.

    Don't get me started about "non binary" bullshit. Our younger kids are subjected to this time and time again and its now become a cult/rebellion. "If you are tolerant of everything you stand for nothing"

    Women should be up in arms about this, but you'll find the "woke" people among society speak up. They're a small amount of people but seem to have the loudest voices.

    A gay friend of mine was talking about how the Trans community, yes, he states they have their own community who want to branch out from the LGB(T) and how detrimental they, and other woke groups have become to the gay and lesbian rights.

    It's a touchy subject for some, and others don't tend to want to chip in, for their own reasons, but we're headed down a dark path where "pregnant woman" is being lobbied to change to "pregnant person" Worse yet, they are lobbying for new borns to not be assigned a gender.

    a 3 year old was brought into A&E recently and I was asked to asses his mental state. A THREE year old. The reason for the assessment was he wanted to cut off his penis, because he was told he should be a woman. Another young person I assessed was actively suicidal as he felt that he wasn't "normal" as those around him were all none binary and were changing their sexualities, genders regularly. His words "I want to kill myself. I feel being straight is now wrong despite what I genuinely feel" I'm being forced to say (by teachers) that Gender shouldn't exist and you can pick any name you want and assign any gender based on how you're feeling"

    The reason I talk about this, is that I'm seeing this more and more in young people with mental health difficulties. The difficulties have resulted by how they are being made to feel. His mum "English teacher started giving lectures about the history of Trans people" "I'd get it if it was a history lesson, but it was English"

    I'd want my kids to be taught their respective lessons. Not teaching 8 -10 year olds about sexuality. They have the mental ability to pick on their own when they come of age. It was a legal requirement to have passed your 16th birthday before considering a sex change/ hormonal therapy. We have children at 12 being referred to gender identity clinics, being rejected resulting in a deterioration of their mental health, because they can't get what they want right away. Parents fearing judgment if they ask their child to wait till they're older as gender reassignment is irreversible.

    The Tavistock clinic recently was subject to two court hearing as a young person sued the clinic after hormone replacement stating they "didn't know what they were doing" this resulted in 12 months suspension of any referrals increasing the backlog.

    The issue of non binary should be abolished in its entirety as its leading to a lot of issues, mentally, ethically and physically. Those who allowed the subject to even be considered should be held accountable.

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    Great post Doc - I don't believe in trans athletes competing in women's sports, i think it's a nonsense, if you believe you are a woman trapped in a man's body and have gender reassignment, you still have the advantages of a man's body after reassignment, so you shouldn't be allowed to compete in women's sport with the advantages of a man's body

    From a mental health point of view and funding, why people who feel they are a man trapped in a woman's body or a woman trapped in a man's body should be funded with 100's of 1000's and people with autism for example who find everyone else's 'society' 'normal' completely alien and something that makes them very ill aren't accepted as such and equally funded to live away from everyone else's normal is also a nonsense

    For example, we can and have to accept a bloke believes he is a woman trapped in a man's body and fund him to change that and all and sundry are expected to make every possible effort to assist them in that and make them feel accepted in that, but we don't accept and support an autistic person with a lifelong severe aversion to 'society' and most other people's 'normal and actually try and force them into situations that make them ill

    On a mental health front, were we to treat each equally, we'd be forcing the bloke who thinks he's a woman trapped in a man's body to accept he's a bloke not a woman and forcing him to continually do really blokey things he found alien, as that's how we treat the autistic person
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    For every minority that gets attention there will be another equally legitimate minority that is being ignored.

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    Good luck to them, they've worked their balls off to get this far.

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    What gets me about it is the request to ignore scientific reality.

    With Gay rights for example, you maybe have a male gay couple come along and say "we get that we can't make a child via the natural processes, but we are loving people who have the patience, compassion and skills to safely and lovingly rear a child and we want folks to accept that" - which is absolutely fine as far as I'm concerned. They're not asking to be recognised as a biologically viable couple via weird mental gymnastics, just asking for the same opportunities.

    Whereas with (some) Trans activists you get the extremes of "I not only want you to accept that I am biologically something that I am not, but that if you don't, I am accusing you of Bigotry" - which I don't get. That to me is like the.......Flat Earthers of LGBT rights....I can't understand that.



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