So I had my nephew yesterday so wasn't around much and thought someone might have posted a thread for this

British clubs involved

West Ham 1-2 Eintracht Frankfurt

RB Leipzig 1-0 Rangers

Leicester 1-1 Roma

Both West Ham and Rangers suffered set backs, West Ham moreso losing their home leg, which obviously isn't cool, I do actually weirdly want West Ham to get to the final, even though that means they would rest players for their game v City, but Moyes' preferred set up and way of playing, from what I saw of the game (about the last half hour) isn't going to overcome Frankfurt and he needs something different in the second leg to try and progress

I didn't see any of the Rangers game, but from the post match, it seems they tried a Villareal/Atletico approach to the entire 90 minutes and got stung late on, you'd have thought they'd have taken great confidence from already having knocked Dortmund out

Brenny's bottlers trailed 1-0 for quite some time, you'd have to make Jose favourite against Brenny's bottlers in the European mickey mouse cup though