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Thread: Now the season is over!

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    Now the season is over!

    Who stays?
    Who goes?
    who comes in??

    go ahead
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    Quote Originally Posted by justme View Post
    Who stays?
    Who goes?
    who comes in??

    go ahead
    Weren't we supposed to be getting a great big "surprise" reveal by Mane after the game was over?
    Does anyone even care anymore?

    I imagine the club probably already know what he's planning since their own plans for the summer window are contingent on knowing who's planning on staying and who's leaving.

    We know Origi is off.
    Mo says he's staying (for this coming season, at least)
    Last I heard, the club, or rather Klopp wanted Milly to stay on another season.
    Taki may also be off as I've heard there's some interest from some teams for his services.
    Pity, that. Good servant for the club, I feel.

    Hopefully some of the squad players step up next season (Harvey,.....Curtis......etc)

    What we need:-

    Fullback cover (certainly for Trent, especially with Gomez out injured)
    A proper striker and traditional Number 9 (Bobby has to be on his way out).


    Did I forget any position?
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    Naby Keita please leave, Salah can leave as well, Ox and Millie should also go. Millie fantastic over the years but maybe time to go

    So the ins should be a midfielder or 2, a 9 and a RB. Trent was okay tonight but Carvajal showed what the first task of a RB is and i don't mean Trent was at fault today, but i mean overall he is not a RB though he is winning lots of stuff. I also feel Trent must be one of the number 8's.

    Curtis Jones also needs to play more often not sure if he is good enough but i think next season is make or break if he can't displace 3 30+ players and a luke warm Keita then he won't make it here

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    Will be similar to the above posts.

    A week ago some were still talking about a possible Quadruple, so we don't need to tear up all of our plans. Tweaks and improvements, of course.

    The main three incomings for me -

    - Forward ( can play central)
    - Midfielder
    - Right-back cover

    In terms of age profile (you'll see me say "future-proofing" a lot) I'd like the forward and midfielder to be 22-25 sort of age. Núñez is my dream forward but likely too expensive. A lot of good mids out there.

    The right-back cover I am not too bothered about the age unless they are "old" - I'd also not mind at all if stylistically they offered something a little different to Trent - a "defence first, attack second" player could be a useful option in 15-minute spells or for particularly games.

    Going through the side, I think at goalkeeper we could afford to let Adrian go and promote Pitaluga as Alisson and Kelleher are both great goalies.

    Centre-back Van Dijk, Konate, Matip and Gomez is good depth plus Gomez can cover right-back at times. Full-back you've Trent, Robertson, Tsimikas and ideally right-back cover.

    In midfield Ox could/should leave. We aren't getting much from him and his wages could be used for a new player, much as I like him. I think Milner stays one more season but I would be content to let him go to help develop the next cycle. Jones and Elliott need to play more and to be supplemented by the arrival of a midfielder so that Henderson/Thiago/Fabinho/Addition/Jones/Elliott is our group of six, possibly another mid if Morton isn't ready.

    In attack as stated I want a forward. I can't see the club having six lads all on good wages for the forward positions, so one of Firmino, Mane or Salah will go to facilitate. Ideally "just" one as too much change too quickly can be very destructive. If needs-be I would let Minamino go if it would help pay towards a forward but it would be with a heavy Heart - I really rate him. Just not sure he is the best fit for this League. Musialowski and Gordon also need to get a chance at some stage. They're talented lads.

    In short, 3 incomings definitely required, more depending on sales or promotion from within. The wages of Ox, Origi and Adrian coming off the books would make decent dents in helping to pay the new recruits in terms of weekly wages - we'll see where we are on the actual fees front of course.

    Don't want to change too much, too quickly. Just freshen things up a bit in midfield and attack. A nose job and Botox, not open Heart surgery.

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    everywhere and nowhere
    Midfield is (obviously) our weakest area imo. We need at least two, mainly because of ageing issues.
    Other than that, we need to freshen up our striking options, they are becoming stale.
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    Thanks to Jurgen & Co, went close to an unprecedented quadruple for a British team.

    Think some of our planning will depend on what happens in the summer.

    Defense looks well set, Think Neco should return and push for more starts.
    Midfield need some additions, and we need a rwf option with our current options.

    Bobby Barca, Mane Bayern and Salah wherever are coming to an end of contract and career at lfc stage.

    A next generation side

    Taa/Neco Konate Gomez/Phillips Robbo/Tsimi
    Keita/Elliot Fab Jones
    Taki Jota Diaz

    This year think we missed a trick with our formation, particularly with Diaz added.
    It didn't maximise our assets:
    Getting our best 11 on the pitch, help keep players fresh (front6), rotation of the squad.
    4231 was the correct formation with what we had available.

    2 of Hendo/Fab/Thiago playing in the 2

    Most likely:
    Diaz Mane Salah

    Keita, Jones, Elliot, Taki, Bobby & Origi would all better fit covering/resting/rotating

    This would have recalibrated our team, and their egos to the latest reality.

    As it turned out we continued with 433
    Rarely resting Hendo/Fab/Thiago
    Continuing to need Salah to be pre-2022 version
    Wasted attacking talent assets on the bench.

    Not winning number 7 is a bitter pill to swallow. Will be interesting to see what happens in the summer with transfers in & out.

    Hope we see a bit more ruthlessness from Klopp next year. Dropping any underperformers: getting dropped refocused he mind and body.

    Hope we see a bit more tactical variation. From the bench we'll have 5 subs a game. Should be able to shut a game down, or push for a goal through tactical variation.

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    Whenever we switched to 4231 teams started finding players in the spaces on either side of our midfield 2 and started creating chances and we conceded a few after doing that as well

    I'd like to see a proper No6 brought in, one with great athleticism, greater pace and reading of the game, box to box ability and passing ability it remains a huge weakness that our first choice No6 isn't a proper No6 and lacks all the required attributes and 'normal' traits and abilities you expect a No6 to have and is so desperately limited in his ability with the ball

    I'd like to see Nunez brought in

    Ramsay brought in for RB competition as Neco will likely go to Fulham

    Carmo in for Joe so we have 4 top CBs like the team we finished second to last season

    A top forward to replace any who leave if any of Mo, Mane or Bobby leave
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    The front three have gone a bit stale, any player wanting to run down their contract should be told sign a one year extension or leave now, no time to be sentimental, the players have won every cup possible to win in the UK.

    "It's true: Liverpool made it to the final having already earned $204.4 million (£161.9 million) via a second-place finish behind Manchester City in the EPL final standings. The battle in the Premier League is less for the top prize than to stay in the top four and qualify for the Champions League". No name as to who quoted the above figure, but is quoting $337.6 mill. so with a few sales we should have a war chest to compete.
    On a side note, did any one see John Henry looked a bit out of place with all the back slapping going on at the medal presentation with RM

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    It's interesting that Klopp didn't go for another number 10 after almost signing Fekir. Obviously the right choice was made to spend that money on Alisson but he must have been looking to switch to 4231. Having now signed a number 10 in Carvalho, is a different formation something we could see next season? My guess is that he'll play as a 9 and is probably a replacement for Bobby

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    Please let Jurgen and the coaching staff remember that Virgil, Trent and Hendo are all very good and have all been very successful in playing their part in making the play during our successes in landing the games biggest prizes, having one player trying to dominate making the play, while not involving them in it and not really creating anything themselves is a shit idea and needs putting a stop to as soon as possible

    A bit of back to basics wouldn't go amiss, replenish the pace, power, athleticism and hunger in the side, get back to doing more of what made us successful, it's not just the bent officiating robbing us of the league title that pissed me off and makes me want to jack the football in because we're not taking a hugely justified stand against it and action about it, I think we're making a monumental fuck up of our supposed evolution, we've done better in all comps this season because we have better strength in depth not because we're a better side

    For me it just really fucking painful watching us go backwards, we're not getting better, we're getting worse, not managing to beat any of the final top four, not one of them, is not progress, it is not evolution, it is devolution, we got 2 more points out of our top four games even last season, without our CBs for fucks sake and beat both Spurs and West Ham home and away, neither of whom are vastly improved sides from last season, for another 7 (SEVEN) points

    It needs sorting out, for me we took a step backwards when we brought Fab back in at No6 in 19-20 and has continued to go backwards, the pressing and counter pressing and our ability to squeeze the opposition until the pips come out has never been anywhere near the incredible levels it reached in 19-20 since then, part of that is also our forwards not somehow being as mobile or as quick and not running the hard yards the same too, but it's mostly having a No6 we have to sit in front of our 2 CBs and who isn't our best with the ball rather than a No6 who is a little higher and always active and engaged in the press and counter press

    Not sure how much more I can take of watching us take the 18-20 side even further backwards to be fair, it's fucking painful for me
    "If Everton were playing at the bottom of my garden, i'd close the curtains”

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