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Thread: List Mo Salah immediately

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    Quote Originally Posted by darrenpotter View Post
    And btw I'm giving it to 19 on points just......
    Surely I already won by a TKO

    Williams was always my man, thereís posts there from last summer & here & there for over a year, hopefully we land him despite his high wage demands, sometimes youíve just got to pay whatís necessary

    Youíd like to think itís a balancing act of sorts as Iíd expect DŪaz to be moved on so weíre losing his wage along with a fair few other fairly hefty ones for players that although very good arenít available to play the minutes we need from them

    Weíve flirted with loads of these bracket of players and only ever signed Virgil & Alisson in that bracket, our forward line is crying out for flair creativity & the lightning pace in at least one positions we used to have two at times unplayable players at LFWD & RFWD, it seems to have slipped under the radar of most we donít have that anymore & we really miss it

    Anthony was a fun wind up, but I just watched about 30 seconds of a reel & looked up his stats, he just looked a twat, his face, his tattoos, his general demeanour

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    Just apologise for your lies and I suggest that you stop calling every perceived mistake you make or lie you tell - a joke.

    And despite him being a disaster for United - that has no bearing on how Antony may have fared at this club with Jurgen. I just highlighted how easy it is in hindsight to use a players form at one club to suggest he would be no use at another.

    Trying to claim a player is “my man” when he does well and then going silent when he goes to shyte… well…

    …It pulls the rug from under your feet every time

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    Like I said, you took the bait

    Itís too easy as youíre so predictable

    Iím waiting for your apology, whenever youíre ready

    In the meantime perhaps discontinue your stalking activities across every thread



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