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Thread: Klopp signed 7 years ago today.

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    Klopp has been the most incredible thing to happen to this club since Bill Shankly! Despite his midfield blind spot,.

    It is that simple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insidious View Post
    What a ride it's been!

    I remember Reds tracking the flight and the overwhelming sense of anticipation and excitement, his "Normal One" and "doubters to believers" comments like they were yesterday - that goofy grin worn by Ian Ayre when the publicity shot of him signing was done.

    Despite all the change at the club (Gerrard, Sterling and Suarez were gone) it was evident we were going to be in for a treat right from the off.

    So strange to think what his first line-up would be as well - formation may not be quite right, but the line-up will be.






    Lads like Ibe, Allen and Bogdan would have made the bench.

    Safe to say that we have evolved somewhat. Multiple Finals, silverware in the bag, won the two biggest trophies of the lot and most significantly getting that 30-year wait sorted.

    Still further adventures ahead - I'm so glad that Jürgen is a Red.
    Well, at least his first line up had 2 No6's that were both better than Fab and a RCB better than Gomez
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    Jurgen's been incredible, FSG not backing him financially after he won No6 and No19 has left a bitter taste and seen things slide downhill from the heights he reached, his attempt to deviate from the only style of play he has has success with and poor midfield recruitment for every midfielder he signed after Gini have been his own doing mind, and he should really have been putting his foot down about being backed adequately

    Jurgen has created a scenario that's quite dangerous also, he has normalised FSG's miserly approach to trying to compete at the very top by miraculously doing so with precious little backing compared to 5 or more clubs he's expected to continually out perform, FSG now seem to believe their model works, when it doesn't work and never will, Jurgen's just been making a silk purse out of a sow's ear every season since 19-20

    We are in danger if slipping backwards very quickly and drastically if FSG don't wake up and smell the unpleasant coffee, unpleasant because they don't like the price of it, start buying a few cups of it and swallowing it gleefully

    The danger is, Jurgen leaves because he can no longer compete with 5 or 6 other clubs spending serious money on signing the best quality players they can attract, or we slip backwards before he leaves, at which point it will be too late to rebuild with appropriate backing, they will have damaged his stock as in players who'd love to come just to play for him and we won't be in the Champions League to attract the very best players as we did with our only 2 marquee signings under FSG Alisson and Virgil and our revenues will have dropped below the clubs currently spending appropriate funds to try and stay in or get into the Champions League places

    It has been an incredible ride under Jurgen, but these last 2 seasons of absolutely zero financial backing in line with what he has delivered so far and what non petro clubs around us are able to spend and his own fucks ups wit our proposed evolution are starting to make things go a little sour
    "If Everton were playing at the bottom of my garden, i'd close the curtains”



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