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Thread: Who Hates Klopp? #2

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    Klopp has driven this club to what we have achieved. Time the players took an hard look at themselves.. They have not been up to their normal standard.
    Cleaning up the Scots since the 13th century

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martyboy View Post
    Yeah mental season that one....We were 9,4 and 1(W D L) the first 14 games and top then VVD got injured at Everton....We finished the last 10 games 8,2 and 0(W D L) yet in the middle 14 games we were relegation form of 3,3 and 8(W D L)...crazy!...
    It's going to take something like that 8-2-0 spell this season if we want to rescue this and in all honesty I think it would require a longer spell of successful games - maybe 12-14 mostly won, rather than that cluster of 10 without a loss.

    We'd also need to be beating the sides going for 4th en route - so you're talking about going on a long unbeaten run and beating sides like Newcastle, Tottenham, Fulham, Brighton along the way. Or indeed Man United if they slip below Newcastle.

    Won't happen unfortunately. Too big an ask with too shell-shocked a side. If we compare to Benitez's time here, the team is looking very 09/10 after the excitement of 08/09.

    A shame.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steveo View Post
    Incredible to think - the only player imo that comes close to Diego.. George Best.. look at his quality.. Imagine him minus the alcohol on today's putting green pitches with the protection attackers get.
    And Jimmy Greaves too.
    To continue your golfing analogy
    Besty and Greavesy were on a par

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steveo View Post
    Paisley was fantastic - far and away our most successful manager - but Paisley isnít dragging the club out of the mire like Shankly did or like Jurgen has to put them on top.

    Paisley benefitted from that huge awoken giant built by Shanks. Shanks went out at the top of his game and with the club in the rudest of rude health. Shankly built a dynasty which lasted until our club tragedies culminating in Kenny walking out.

    Paisley didnít need to turn doubters into believers - we were already bloody invincible. He steered the ship in the most incredible way any manager ever has BUT the likes of Shanks and Klopp - they transcend mere achievement. They drove the club out of obscurity and put them on their perch.

    Never forget that Sci
    Never forget Steveo that Paisley played no small part in Shankly's success
    Together with the rest of the boot room boys.
    That boot room was indeed a boot room then cleared out and converted into a talking shop.
    It was communal.

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    Yes, of course I have heard it. I heard that before and I am not," said Klopp.

    "I am loyal. I think everybody should be loyal, but I am not too loyal."

    He added: "The problem is too complex. You have a good player who did a lot of good things in the past and then in your mind [you think] maybe that's it for him.

    "If you can then go out and bring in another player to replace [him] that makes sense.

    "If you cannot bring anybody in you cannot bring anybody out. That is the situation."

    Liverpool's struggles have seen them concede the first goal 21 times in their past 35 matches, and they have not kept a clean sheet in the Premier League since October.

    However, Klopp does not think some of his players have stopped listening to him.

    "I was not that often in a similar situation, but I know exactly how it works when things don't go well," he said.

    "There is a list of things you go through and one of the things is the players aren't listening to the coach any more.

    "In Germany we say the manager doesn't reach the team any more. So I understand it looks like this sometimes but it is just not the case. You can take that off the list.

    "Everyone feels responsible. There is nobody sitting there thinking, 'I was OK but he wasn't'. It wasn't there, I don't see it, I don't hear it, it's not there.

    "If it was here then the player would have a real problem. That is the moment the problems really start.

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    Can you just imagine Liverpool 12th at Christmas under Bob Paisley in today's toxic media / social media.

    I doubt Bob would have coped.

    Maybe the older guys remember.
    Sure nobody was happy in defeat.
    But it wasn't dwelled on , analysed and over analysed.
    Sure the game and media has changed.
    It's a horrid world.

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    I think i remember right, Dicko, that under Souness we had been so used to be first or at least second that when we dropped to sixth the whole fan base went into depression and ultimately Souness had to be gone.
    Personally I found the whole Hodgson era the most depressing time at the club. A man from the south of england who absolutely didn't get us. At least Souness was a club legend and deservedly so. (I would still put him in top five best ever LFC players)
    I would rather have a foreign manager than somebody from London.

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