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Thread: Other Games 18-20/02

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    Chelsea 0-1 Southampton
    Chelsea lost their eighth game of the season today and have scored 23 goals in 23 games this season.

    They really should have spent some money in the last couple of windows

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    Arsenal and Utd coming to Anfield will be a huge test of whether either can be champions. Both have a poor record visiting us recently.

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    Its like theres an hole in a boat the more water they take out the bigger the hole. put billions and lose. fuck em
    Cleaning up the Scots since the 13th century

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steveo View Post
    Oh they very likely will do BUT people were saying that Arsenal had crumbled. They had a goal given against them for a draw that should never have happened, they were unlucky against Everton and City and were losing away today… but still they won and are 2 points clear with a game in hand.
    Aye I thought they'd bottled it but that's a big win and a massive confidence boost to be able to pull it out of the bag late on. That's the type of result that makes such a difference to morale and belief.

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    I watched the Everton game and two bad teams, but Leeds are in serious trouble.

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    Very tight at the bottom.
    Before today you'd say the bottom 3 down.

    But really who knows.

    Wolves Leicester Bournemouth Southampton Everton Leeds West Ham
    All could stay or go.

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    Chelsea can't score goals.
    That's about 5 in last 6 games zero goals.

    Arsenal one or 2 injuries. And could be tough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Creator Supremes View Post
    I think we still need to consider that City might finish this season trophyless with Haaland scoring over 50 goals 🤣🤣
    Pep's Barcelona failed in the League and Champion's League in a season where Messi got 73 if I recall correctly and am not mixing my seasons up.

    West Ham in the bottom three - a client is a big Hammers fan and despises Tottenham - hope they can squeak something against Spurs tomorrow.

    Two great results against Everton and Newcastle - will mean nothing if we don't get the Lion's share of the points in upcoming fixtures against Palace, Wolves, Man United and Bournemouth.

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    Big game darn at the Lane tomorrow, Spuds v Wham. If Spuds drop points in that one, we can catch them with our games in hand.

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    That’s the pulling power of the Premier League all around the World.

    Liverpool 9-0 Bournemouth
    Wolves 3-0 Liverpool
    Wolves 0-1 Bournemouth

    As with Forest 1-1 City today, any result is possible in pretty much any game

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