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Thread: World Welterweight Title fight to Unify Champion

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    World Welterweight Title fight to Unify Champion

    What a fantastic fight from start to finish between 2 unbeaten fighters who were both Champions.
    Errol Spence 28-0 Terence Crawford 39-0
    From a fan who has seen live fights between Hagler ,Hearns, Duran and Leonard to name a few, this fight did not disappoint one bit.

    @tees.....try to re-watch this super fight if possible you won't be disappointed
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    Tremendous fight. A classic.
    I fancied Bud for the stoppage but that was pure dominance. That right hook for the third knockdown was a peach.
    Crawford is hall of fame material, an absolute legend.
    They're the fights we want to see. Such a pity the heavyweight division is in the state it's in when it doesn't have to be.
    Fulton Vs Inoue was a good fight too earlier in the week.



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