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England and the conditions forced thr type of game. In all 3 knock out matches we played a game to win. Against France who played unstructured we were devastating on the counter.

England the rain, the way England pressed the ruck area legally or illegally at times forced us into mistakes and then we just believed we better and had to be composed and rely on our strengths.

Against New Zealand when they walked out of the dressing room I knew we would win. They looked over focused almost stressed. Sam Cane in particular. Then when the match started and we made first few hits I knew. Same as in football 10 man very hard to beat and wd allowed them territory and ball that is why it was so close but wit 15 each we actually had them all facets.

But all 4 nations we played massive respect Ireland, France, Enhkand, All Blacks. Any could have won it.v
Ireland had the quality of team to get to the final - a rematch with the boks.
The drop off in performance between South Africa in the groups and New Zealand in the quarter finals stung.