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Wow just watching Friday night football and realised that Crystal Palace (10th) are another team in the bottom 9, then they play Chelsea (11) and then Wolves (12)

so that makes their first twelve games are as follows…. ����



Thats an incredibly kind opening run of fixtures for big Ange….
So Spurs beat Palace, but then lose to Chelsea and Wolves, lets just all three of these teams are also in in the bottom 9, and now they lose at home to Villa but tbf Villa were in the top 5…..

Its all gone quiet on the Ange front… but saying that they did look good in the first half and should have been 2 goals clear but Villa were really good in the second half and ended up with a deserved win, just….

I must say that I did like the look of Pao Torres as a left sided centre back for Villa and he scored a fantastic goal to top off his first class performance… just saying…