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Thread: The season so far

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    I think having some natural striker at the top and central to the goal is the key. we move about a lot and often we take shots at
    a angle of muscled out of it. or we over play in the final 3rd so we end up not shooting.
    I think Diaz is good enough when it comes to finishing.. just hes always wide and very rarely is central to the goal.Diaz is not a natural finisher and Salah is outstanding. just not on it at the moment.
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    Our success was built on 2 much better forwards than we have now coming in on the angle from left or right

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    To a large degree yes - I mean it is stating the obvious a little - but letís be honest Salah & Mane with a Bobby Firmino in between is a really really tough act to follow up.

    Not as tough as replicating what Jurgen Klopp brought to us however

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    I think ditching the two wide forwards being further forward has been a mistake I donít think the new system is as effective & I leaves us more vulnerable to teams playing through our centre

    Our success was built on those wide forwards supported by our attacking full backs they remain our greatest strength & in that set up, we forced teams to try & go wide & because of that effective 4312 it was easier to press consistently well

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