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Thread: Your team v Sheffield United

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    Your team v Sheffield United

    At Kev's request I have knocked a thread up.


    Trent.......Matip.......Van Dijk.....Tsimikas


    ...........Szoboszlai....Mac Allister


    Won't happen, but with a game early on Saturday I've gone with Endo at the base of midfield to assist Trent as he steps inside, plus have put Mac Allister a bit further forward in the "Wijnaldum-lite" role in the hope of a nice blend of chance creation and stability.

    We get a reasonable break after the upcoming Crystal Palace match - much of Saturday to recover, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, much of Thursday (for a game we needn't go full strength in) before the Friday and Saturday that comes for Man United.

    Hopefully we can do the business against Sheffield United in the first 60 minutes and use some substitutions as the Palace away game could be tricky. Sheffield United are occasional game-raisers so no lazy start in this match please - hopefully the atmosphere of an evening match helps.

    Don't intend to slap a Crystal Palace thread up on/immediately after the full-time whistle.

    Best of luck Redmen.
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    Matip has no chance of making it. be at least 2 months out if you ask me
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    Klopp's old mate Wilder back in charge....

    Sheffield United are rubbish. No excuses. Right attitude from the off ... match their little burst of intensity early doors and do the hard yards and 3 points will be in the bank.....

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    Endo and Gakpo both deserve a start,blades will have to try and start fast and use the crowd so hopefully Trent doesn't wander too far out of position until the intensity and home crowd support drops a little. Bring Nunez on for 25mins as he needs a goal to keep his belief up

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    Quote Originally Posted by justme View Post
    Matip has no chance of making it. be at least 2 months out if you ask me
    That's disappointing to hear. No mention of injuries in the highlights I watched and I haven't yet had the time to watch or read Klopp's press conference/s as of yet.

    As an aside it seems a second thread was made a minute or so after mine went up so if an admin/mod wants to delete my thread so there isn't a duplicate that's no problem.

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    Remember it's a 7.30 kick off tonight on Amazon prime.

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