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Thread: The great mans birthday today…

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    The great mans birthday today…

    Today is Bob Paisley’s birthday, he would be 105 today.

    This great man brought millions untold happiness to millions of supporters worldwide and his and Shankly’s legacy are reflected in our great team of today..

    He was a man of few words, but when he did speak, it resonated….

    “ It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice..”

    “ This Club has been my life, I’d go out and sweep the street and be proud to do it for Liverpool Football Club if they asked me to “

    Absolute class, a true gentle man… first and foremost, but a true genius in footballing terms…

    Happy Birthday Bob, forever in your debt.. 😍

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    Happy birthday Steveo

    we are liverpool football club, not fucking norwich.

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    Absolute genius.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trueandred View Post
    Absolute genius.
    Yeah, Kev can be quite funny sometimes. Lol...

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    Oi Kev?? I’m not that old.

    And yes it is always good to remember the great Bob Paisley.

    Most successful manager in our history. Quite the genius.

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