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Thread: VAR League table

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    No it most certainly does not stack up Justin, especially as Klopp has long had us play in a way we give them precious little opportunity to give a wrong un against us, as a result we’re the cleanest team in the league who take real care in their tackling to win the ball cleanly & fairly but they blow up everytime the opposition dive regardless

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    Klopp spoke about an incident involving a Rodri handball against Everton in 2022 that wasn’t given.

    “You pick yourself up and go again after not winning the league from a goal from Vinnie Kompany or a not given handball from Rodri. It was a crazy situation that handball,” Klopp said.

    “I don’t know where we played, but we were on the bus already and the game was on the tele.

    “We watched it and the whole bus shouted ‘Handball! Wait, he’s not getting it?” You can’t change it, but not getting there and then having three weeks to prepare for a Champions League final, these few years were mad,” Klopp said.

    It’s been a couple of years now, but it’s hard to understate just how poor a decision this was.

    Even Dermot Gallagher agreed at the time that Rodri’s handball should’ve been given.

    “It is a penalty, no doubt. I think the VAR inspected it for too long. Paul Tierney is looking through players, he can’t see the incident and Rodri is covering him. I think this should have been a VAR decision,” Gallagher said.

    Of course, if a penalty was given, there’s no guarantee that it would’ve been converted, but if Everton did manage to draw that game, the tide of the title race may have been turned in Liverpool’s favour.

    This decision clearly still plays on Klopp’s mind at least a little bit.

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    Because he knows it’s corrupt & deliberate & came not long after another shit show of officiating at Spurs had robbed us of 2 points

    Jota flattened by Emerson-Royal as he steadied himself to shoot, Tierney waved play on claiming Jota initiated the contact & VAR not correcting a very clear & obvious error

    Tierney was ref that day & VAR in the non bitters pen decision 😳

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    Can Var kindly explain why the foul by Doku on Macca is not a foul / penalty, and yet the foul on Doku in last nights game against Spurs is…..

    Why the foul on Havertz against Bournemouth is a penalty, but the exact same foul on Amad is not a penalty for UTD against Arsenal…

    Unfortunately the inconsistent examples we can refer too, just get added too with every passing game…. WTF !!!

    Just baffling on every level… it’s little wonder LFC supporters scream corruption at every turn with with every passing game….

    I tell you what I want to happen on Sunday…Man City to lose their final game and ultimately the Premier League title, just because they get a player sent off for two similar tackles that Jota was punished for against Spurs and then also have a perfectly good goal not awarded because of a Var communication error with the ref, and then see how Pep and the media react to that…

    Oh the Karma of that would just be off the scale fabulous…

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    Premier League clubs to vote on scrapping VAR next season

    Wonder who will say no....... LOL!

    Bigup wolves for bringing it to the table

    we are liverpool football club, not fucking norwich.

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    People are idiots

    They take that long & get it wrong on purpose to try & get rid of it through idiots that think that would be a good idea

    I thought top tier teams under UEFA had to use it

    They matched fixed long before & worse pre VAR

    Just have the Serious Fraud Office investigate FAPGMOL properly lock a few of them up & thrn see it work properly

    I watch lots of full games in other leagues it’s only in our league it gets done wrong & takes so long

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    “I’ve started so I’ll finish

    The final table should now read

    City P38 PTS 90 GD +60
    Liverpool P38 PTS 89 GD +47
    Arsenal P38 PTS 86 GD +56

    Has to be said that with the greater confidence from what should have been 12 points on the board at one stage, 9 with City’s game in hand, we most likely would have gone the distance in the other 2 cups & won the league with a couple of games to spare with the others dropping more points through scoreboard pressure

    We’d not have had ‘that run’ the last few games if we’d had a blip & been 5-7 points clear still in my opinion

    1 title robbed of 3 more & everyone knows it

    Jürgen forever in our hearts

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    FFS, we couldn't even with this league.
    Hopefully Arne will have more luck.

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