This is something we really need to work on defensively Brighton did us first half with it Atalanta did us with it Palace caused us all sorts of problems with it as have many other sides

They have the forward drop off into midfield or between midfield & our defence & try and have 3 in there to try & release against our 2 CBs or arrive in the box undetected Releasing a wide man to leave 3 of them with a run on our defenders who are looking for the ball coming in

Thatís how weíve been getting done & itís why they have a run on our defenders & can sneak in unchecked

They drop off when theyíre in possession & spring into action on the counter & to press us when we have the ball Against Brighton we pushed Virgil right into midfield following Wellbeck

We have to work on this as Iíve seen a few teams trying to implement it I think itís been made easier for them we often only have Nunez up when we have LFWD & RFWD up & a false 9 dropping into midfield nicking off toes to one of ours that tactic was much harder to work