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Thread: First Visit to Anfield

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    First Visit to Anfield

    Hello All

    Long time member from the US here, but finally got to save enough to get a ticket to Liverpool v Tottenham at Anfield in a couple of weeks. Looking at flights, I did not find any from the US to Liverpool, so I ended up just booking to Manchester. I arrive on Saturday, so I wanted to pick your guys' brains to see how I should plan to get the best experience.

    I was looking at hotels in Liverpool, and they seem to be very pricey (unless I stay near the airport, which I don't mind). Is it fairly easy to get to Anfield using public transportation on match day - from Manchester or from Liverpool City Center and Airport? Am I better off arriving 3 odd hours prior to kickoff?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. If staying in Liverpool is preferred, should I rent a car and drive myself to Liverpool?

    Thank you in advance!


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    The train from Manchester airport brings you straight into Lime st in Liverpool costs about 25 from memory. Hotels as you say can be pricey in Liverpool on a Liverpool match day weekend. Alot of the hotels down by the docks are block booked by our Norwegian fans so the likes of probably is the way to go. On the morning of the match the team have breakfast in the Titanic hotel so if you've got kids it's not a bad way for them to get up and personal when the team always go for a short walk.
    As for the match.
    I'd just get a black taxi from Williamson Square to the ground which is about 8.
    I think it's a 4.30 kick off so I'd go up to Anfield about 12 o'clock. Have a walk around Anfield and you'll bump into alot of the older players who now work in corporate on match days. You can also go and have a look at all the paintings on the walls around Anfield . Then head down to Taggys or TIA hotel and soak in the pre match atmosphere with a singer belting out All the LFC songs .Though I think almost all the bars around the ground do that now. Then about 1hour before kick off head into the ground and take your seat, take a few photos and get something to eat and drink on the concourse .
    After the game is a bit of a nightmare to get back into town. It's about 1 hours walk or get one of the many buses that are there for fans to get back.
    Have a great time and I'm sure if you've any other questions someone will help you.



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