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Thread: Players for 2024/2025

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    Players for 2024/2025

    I know the season isn't strictly over, But may as well be.
    Who do we keep/Sell/Loan/Swap or let go on a free..

    Here's just a rough selection of mine , I may miss some,so forgive me on that.

    Alisson KEEP
    Kelleher, sell for a decent price.
    Adrian, No idea why hes here in the first place.. let go on a free.or swap for some peanuts

    Gomez, Keep
    Virgil, Keep
    Quansah, Keep
    Matip, let go on free, (sorry for the lad but time to move on)
    Tsimikas,keep, not a bad back up, anyway he just signed a long term contract.
    Robertson, Keep, still think he offers something. doesn't look fit at the moment

    Macca keep
    Endo Keep
    Gravenberch keep
    Jones keep
    Elliot,,I'd sell him. he loves the club. just don't think he offers enough.
    Szoboszlai, Keep, but hes needs a better season. next time around

    Gakpo keep
    Jota Keep
    Salah, will go so,probably sold. Dunno if hes finished at the top level.. So unsure if i want him to stay, was all for it, until recently
    Nunez, if a good offer comes in,i would sell.otherwise be difficult to claw back the money we he will here next season more than likely

    Thats my take on it. I'm sure iv'e missed the odd player. for give my brain for that..

    Ps, Thanks Jurgen Klopp for being one of US.
    Cleaning up the Scots since the 13th century

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    GK Alisson Kelleher
    LB Robertson Hartman Gomez
    RB Trent Bradley Gomez
    CB Van Dijk Konate Quansah (New) Gomez
    LCM Mac Allister Jones Gravenberch
    RCM Mac Allister Szloboslai Jones Elliott
    No6 Timber Mac Allister Endo
    LFWD Nunez (New) Diaz Gakpo
    RFWD (New) Diaz Nunez Jota
    False 9 Gakpo Jota Nunez Danns

    Thinking Mo & possibly Diaz as his father seems to be agitating for a move might go, Iím not binning them off as you never know what a new manager might get out of them but I think they might go

    Endo might go if we bring in Timber or another No6 & Bajcetic used as the other No6

    Could see the Hartman thing maybe happening, fits the system, wonít struggle with the Prem physically looks a potential beast of a LB & a better option for rotation with Robbo & long term successor than Tsimi he quicker & more powerful than both with a greater variation of passes for the system

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    And whatís wrong with my squad rebuild thread??
    Stealing my posters are you??

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    sorry, i had a further look at others

    ooops i missed Diaz, If Barca want him.. cough up. simples
    Cleaning up the Scots since the 13th century

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