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Thread: Welcome to LFC Arne Slot

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    Welcome to LFC Arne Slot

    Official announcement on Liverpool having an agreement for Slot to become our new manager from June 1st on the offal

    Welcome indeed Arne we all expect nothing less than a Quadruple
    "If Everton were playing at the bottom of my garden, i'd close the curtainsĒ

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    Welcome Arne (subject to a work permit)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nineteenx View Post
    Official announcement on Liverpool having an agreement for Slot to become our new manager from June 1st on the offal

    Welcome indeed Arne we all expect nothing less than a Quadruple
    QuadrupleÖÖ Donít forget to go unbeaten all season. To be top scores with over 100 goals, along with the Best defence conceding only 20 goals. That would be great start for his first season.

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    Iíll settle for a Premier League or Champions League win fist season

    Iím quite excited to see how it works out some techniques Iíve read Slot uses to help players develop are ones Iíve long advocated we apparently didnít use that to me seem logical & to have a really strong possibility of success

    Most players do almost all he seems to expect from his players already

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    PL wrapped up pretty much on points by March again please as in 19/20. Then we can relax and focus on the FA Cup and CL once the title and Carabao Cup are in the cabinet.

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    I'm not concerning myself too much with targets right now.

    Realistically, one club has made the League experience a generally predictable and at times deflating one - so with that in mind I'll be entering next season primarily with the mindset of enjoying each game and embracing tweaks to our play and squad.

    Arne has been left a better situation than most. Whilst our squad isn't perfect, it has plenty going for it and thanks to Klopp, pretty much everyone in it has been in-and-around the process of winning silverware in one way or another. A sign of how secure JŁrgen is within himself was his willingness to publicly back Slot and even fuelled a possible chant for him.

    Slot's football has a lot going for it. Akin to Klopp-ball in the press whilst also having elements of Guardiola in build-up at the back. Feyenoord fans adore him, with Arne having managed to coach them to a League title last season (with 82 points, a high tally in the Eredivisie) and their highest points total ever (so far as I'm aware) this season to get an 84-point tally. Feyenoord can consider themselves unlucky that PSV clicked so well this season that they managed 17 straight wins right out of the gate.

    Slot's Feyenoord scored plenty and conceded few - just 4 League games lost in the last 2 seasons is some going.

    Now. Realistically there will be some adjustment. Whilst Klopp coached "Liverpool 2.0" as he calls it through their first year, there are still some flaws to counter against the encouraging room for further development and potential within this group of players.

    Anyone after Klopp is a drop-off and there will be some serious overhaul with a number of staff, but with a driven and (so far) successful 45-year old at the helm and Edwards back to employ a data-driven approach to transfers, I'm quite optimistic.

    No idea what we will win (if anything) in 24/25 but am keen to see the players brought in to compliment this squad (I think three incoming first-teamers is the best way to go personally) and much more importantly am keen to see the tweaks made to make sure our midfield is more compact and that the half-spaces our better-guarded given the lack of recovery pace we have in the middle.

    I'm quite excited. I largely trust the process and our JŁrgen is finally getting to kick back and perhaps watch some of our matches on the telly with a beer while a very hungry manager is coming in off the back of success. Plus we will get Baron Harkonnen memes so that will do rightly.

    I anticipate another League win for Man City and I do feel that Arsenal, if they add the right players, could well finish above us again. I think third is a realistic target and wouldn't disappoint me, whilst second would of course be better - but what will be, will be. I don't want to see Arne crushed with a weight of expectation before he can get going - 25/26 and 26/27 are where I personally expect real title challenge possibilities rather than 24/25 though he may surprise us.

    We have largely known what to expect on the pitch due to having such familiarity with Klopp's ways, largely due to him getting quite a lengthy stint as Manager. Let's see what Slot can bring to the table.

    Football should be about escape so let's hope for good, fun, clean attacking football with balance at the back. Come on Arne - you've got this.
    Your hobbies are rollerblading and you're also a bit of a rat-hound? Steel Wool
    Sid knows he's crazy and he likes it. Balinkay

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    Nice post Sid

    I have to admit to being really quite excited to see how all the existing players time served & those with just a season under their belts together & the new signings all come together

    I want to see that press & counter press back to or better than at itís best & the players all directing each other in it again We are always a far better side when we have the press & counter press as good as it should be In the 21-22 season there were a few games that werenít going as we wanted & we brought Hendo on & went on to get the result & the difference was the increase in the level of & positioning in our press & counter press

    Strong recognisable patterns of play in the shorter & more direct play that develop into almost set plays in open play signature moves the 17-22 side had so much of on the flanks & between the 3 forwards & an emphasis on ďItís not about the long ball or the short ball, itís about the right ballĒ and defending while attacking (as at our best) by those not needed to join the attack taking up great counter pressing positions should our move break down

    Certain movement in certain positions shouldnít really need to be coached to professionals in my opinion, but there are things some donít do that should be standard that obviously need some attention

    Playing the percentages, shooting across the keeper etc when you have players arriving in that area, putting a recycled ball from a set piece to the far post when we have 2 or 3 waiting for it, making runs in behind, through the chsnnels, down the line, outside in, inside out runs

    LFWD or RFWD just a little coaching please, it was a signature Mane move, but all top LFWDís & RFWDís all make that outside in run to near of the back of a CB when they see the balls coming in from the opposite side. Maneís Ďtriggersí to make those runs were the ball going back to Trent advanced or Hendo or either of those two being released wide right - It should be standard movement & reading and understanding of what the Ďtriggersí are the ballís coming in

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    Defence wise simple basics of moving as a unit when a FB has to go out wide to a player & the opposite full back should be far post in line with their CB & your DM and another mid dropping in to pick up any runners while also having 2 or 3 coming back looking to nick it of toes to one of ours

    To me thatís very basic good defending of a few situations, & the more you do the basics right with consistent good positioning, the better those coming back start to coordinate with the positions of that base & with those coming back from further forward

    Thatís what we had in abundance 18-20, we just moved everywhere & did everything as a coordinated unit with loads of automation, chain reaction movement, direction of each other & communication & especially in that run in 19-20 that encompassed the CWC with loads of triggers for that movement

    Itís everything I think needs Ďa proper pre-seasoní to bring back together, having great continuity of selection for the first few games will really help too

    We have players who can all do all of that to a really high level, they just have that same ingrained muscle memory of doing it that we enjoyed for 4 or 5 seasons, this season just gone really was like building a plane while itís was in the air

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    I shamelessly stole this from the BBC comment section:

    It could be Rotterdam or anywhere
    Liverpool or Rome
    Wherever Slotty manages
    He'll never need a comb.......never need a comb
    I bet you can squeal like a pig!

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    Well thatís cool. A clever tweak of the lyrics from a band named after the city and club that we famously hosted in one of our greatest ever Anfield nightsÖ

    ..SoÖ despite the sadness and sentiment that "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" letís hope going forward "Nothing Can Stop Us"

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