I think after today's performance and result and with how Vila set up nick the ball off us in midfield and create transitions to play off certain players in midfield I think we all need to dispel any notions of personal preferences and opinions being expressed purely being what each other views as accurate or correct and the best for the team, be honest and cast our minds back to this game.

In the 2018-2019 season we missed out on the title by the narrowest of margins, the honest truth is that the midfield of today, with Gini, Fabinho and one other and not including Hendo had got found out for it's lack of creativity and vulnerability in the press and transitions to play in behind Trent or in the hole behind Fabinho by teams setting up just as Villa did today, and to do what Villa did today had become all too common and had resulted in our drawing too many games and so missing out on the league title.

If you think about it on these terms and that today's midfield had been worked out and it's vulnerabilities brutally exposed over 16 months ago, it kind of is staggering arrogance to believe we can get away with trying to revert to that and think opposition managers had forgotten and even more so in Mane's absence who is one of our key, most relentless, aggressive and astute pressers in the forward line

We won the Champions League because we made the change at HT that saw Henderson come on at RCM, vastly improve the press, offer greater defensive solidity down Trent's side and in covering Fabinho's high destroyer forays forward and creating more and asking different question courtesy of his switches from right to left and his crossing.

Fast forward to the next season and Fabinho getting injured and Henderson, unexpected even by me, raised his game and the team with it to an entirely new level in just how good he made and orchestrated the press and was in all honesty spraying switch passes and attempted long balls over the top and through balls all over the pitch, that were he bacon face or thiago everyone would be creaming their pants over.

Our play, ability to win all kinds of games, completely disarm attempted opposition presses by going over them with switches, or over them with longer balls and winning the second balls to create from there took a quantum leap and we became a winning machine.

The truth for me, that seems very unpopular with some because Henderson is not Gerrard, is that when Jurgen changed what was working so brilliantly and had been a huge evolution that had taken the teams to new heights of performance and consistency far greater than those we ever saw with Fabinho at CM, our Champions League Campaign and form began to unravel very quickly

I think Jurgen and the analysis staff need to remember the evolution of the team, and what happened in the 2019-2019 season in that midfield without Henderson and what happened last season in the games with Henderson at CM and learn from today's mistake, error in judgement, memory lapse, arrogance, whichever you prefer, and make sure their mistakes from today are not repeated