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Thread: Your team v Porto (Champion's League)

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    Your team v Porto (Champion's League)



    N. Williams...Phillips...Gomez...Tsimikas




    Maybe something like that, with a view to making as many subs as we can so that the likes of Fabinho, Thiago, Mane get 45-60 minutes rather than a full 90 - give a few players a chance, don't try to rush Henderson/Jones etc back too fast.
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    Fk sake cant we enjoy the win first oh my god


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    Neco Konate Phillips Beck

    Fabinho Morton

    Oxlade Balagizi Minamino


    Rest as many first team regulars we plan to use against Southampton and over the fast approaching very bust Christmas period as possible while trying to win the game as ever, FUCK the extra prize money depending on whether we win lose or draw, not like FSG are going to invest it in players anyway, we have injury issues, Mane and Mo are set to miss January, really insanely busy period coming up, we need to give our first team players as much rest as we can when we can and give our youngsters minutes
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    Really curious to see what Klopp goes with - Porto will be desperate to turn the traditional tide.

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    Yep - but I say let them. We have to play the kids and fringe for this game otherwise we jeopardise the entire season.

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    Could see Alisson, Robbo & Hendo starting with the rest b-team/kids

    Milner, Keita & Origi later fitness calls.
    Gomez, Elliot, Jones, Bobby all out.

    Neco Konate Philips Robbo
    Keita/Milner Hendo Morton
    Gordon Origi Taki

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    It will be a mix, doubt Virgil will play, or Trent, or Fab or all of the front 3, particularly Jota as he took a heavy knock against Arsenal

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    I'll be surprised if we field more than three or four fringe players.

    Klopp talks about money awarded in these games but he also talks about rhythm, which was one of his reasons for playing Jota in that match last year. (And yeah I just read we have the most injuries this season)

    I'd like to see Minamino to build on his goal, Neco if he's recovered from his international injury and random youngster plucked from the streets.

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    U18s line up against Porto, so we can forget about Beck, Bradley and Gordon.

    Mrozek, Bradley, Quansah, Koumetio, Beck, Bajcetic, Corness, Norris, Frauendorf, Woltman, Gordon.
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