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Thread: Darwin Nunez

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    If I remember rightly, he was very tight with social media when he arrived. He's probably fed up of reading all the (badly translated) frustrated online comments when he himself is frustrated. Feels like a bit of a tantrum and it's feeding on his form. Let's hope it's not a prelude to a mive. I still think he can do something for us.

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    He is just sick of all the shyte. Donít blame him. Nothing to do with his long term future here with us as far as I can tell.

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    I think the fact he has deleted all Liverpool related posts indicate it is very much to do with his future here. If he was sick of all the shyte, why not just come off socal media altogether?

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    He did have a run of 3 or 4 games in which he played like Iíd imagined when we were looking to sign him, popping up deep or advanced throughout the final third, left inside left right inside right & centre, & for that brief spell started to look like the player I thought we were buying with the right integration, so he could still become that player

    Heís a lad I think everyone needs to keep grounded as he starts believing his own hype after a couple of good games & stops doing all the above & just hanging around in the No9 position

    I think in his head he is on Suarezís level & has already written a story that like Suarez heíd be here a couple of seasons be the top top player, one of the all time greats & move to Barcelona at his peak just like Suarez & heís nowhere near nor will he ever be, not anywhere near prime Cavani either.

    And everytime he has a couple of good games in a row, thatís where his head goes & he stops giving himself the opportunity of becoming as good as he possibly can be, stops working & starts goal hanging

    He should first start idolising Suarezís incredible work rate & desire & that it was higher than ever in his prime & his & determination to continually improve & always do the same

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    Nunez shuid ken that spam runs thro' everything.

    He's bin unlucky this seezin. He's capable o' getting 15 goals a seezin.
    VOTE JOCKY tae fix this fiasco.



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