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Thread: Liverpool fixtures: Reds begin at Fulham

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    Liverpool fixtures: Reds begin at Fulham

    Liverpool begin the 2022/23 Premier League campaign with a lunchtime trip to newly-promoted Fulham on Saturday August 6.


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    I like the look of the way our fixtures have come out.
    By the end of September we will have been away at Utd, Everton and Chelsea with away fixtures at Arsenal and Spurs not far behind. The only main rival we play at home first is City and that gives us an early opportunity to give them a bloody nose.
    Playing our remaining main rivals at home in the second half of the season is surely more advantageous than a string of really difficult away games at the business end of the season.

    It’s on!!

    Quadruple here we come….

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    Opening Weekend:

    Friday, 5 August

    Crystal Palace v Arsenal (20:00 BST)

    Saturday, 6 August

    Fulham v Liverpool (12:30)

    Bournemouth v Aston Villa (15:00)

    Leeds United v Wolverhampton (15:00)

    Leicester City v Brentford (15:00)

    Newcastle United v Nottingham Forest (15:00)

    Tottenham Hotspur v Southampton (15:00)

    Everton v Chelsea (17:30)

    Sunday, 7 August

    Manchester United v Brighton (14:00)

    West Ham United v Manchester City (16:30)
    I bet you can squeal like a pig!

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    Liverpool fixtures in full

    06/08/2022 - Fulham (a) 12:30

    13/08/2022 - Crystal Palace (h) 15:00

    20/08/2022 - Manchester United (a) 15:00

    27/08/2022 - A.F.C. Bournemouth (h) 15:00

    31/08/2022 - Newcastle United (h) 20:00

    03/09/2022 - Everton (a) 15:00

    10/09/2022 - Wolverhampton (h) 15:00

    17/09/2022 - Chelsea (a) 15:00

    01/10/2022 - Brighton (h) 15:00

    08/10/2022 - Arsenal (a) 15:00

    15/10/2022 - Manchester City (h) 15:00

    19/10/2022 - West Ham United (h) 20:00

    22/10/2022 - Nottingham Forest (a) 15:00

    29/10/2022 - Leeds United (h) 15:00

    05/11/2022 - Tottenham Hotspur (a) 15:00

    12/11/2022 - Southampton (h) 15:00


    26/12/2022 - Aston Villa (a) 15:00

    31/12/2022 - Leicester City (h) 15:00

    02/01/2023 - Brentford (a) 15:00

    14/01/2023 - Brighton (a) 15:00

    21/01/2023 - Chelsea (h) 15:00

    04/02/2023 - Wolverhampton (a) 15:00

    11/02/2023 - Everton (h) 15:00

    18/02/2023 - Newcastle United (a) 15:00

    25/02/2023 - Crystal Palace (a) 15:00

    04/03/2023 - Manchester United (h) 15:00

    11/03/2023 - A.F.C. Bournemouth (a) 15:00

    18/03/2023 - Fulham (h) 15:00

    01/04/2023 - Manchester City (a) 15:00

    08/04/2023 - Arsenal (h) 15:00

    15/04/2023 - Leeds United (a) 15:00

    22/04/2023 - Nottingham Forest (h) 15:00

    25/04/2023 - West Ham United (a) 19:45

    29/04/2023 - Tottenham Hotspur (h) 15:00

    06/05/2023 - Brentford (h) 15:00

    13/05/2023 - Leicester City (a) 15:00

    20/05/2023 - Aston Villa (h) 15:00

    28/05/2023 - Southampton (a) 16:00
    I bet you can squeal like a pig!

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    So we have played Leeds 2 years ago the champions of the championship at home.
    1 year ago we played Norwich (forget if they were champions) away
    and in August we play Fulham the champions of the championship away.
    Leader of all..master of none..

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    I think they like to pretend that these fixtures are randomly generated, although allowing for things like two clubs in the same city won't play at home on the same day etc. But as you point out we always get an opening fixture against a newly promoted side.
    Arsenal last year got the early friday night fixture away to brentford, not one you would fancy. And this year they have again got the opening friday night fixture, away to a london rival, Palace.

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    Don’t trust any draws being totally random.

    Remember when you see City have 9 consecutive home games against Southampton, I told you, told you allllllll mwahahahahahaaaaaaaa.

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    Our main concern should be making sure the Premier League, FA, PGMOL, Sky Sports, BT Sports, BBC, ITV, Channel 4 all the rags and commentators are all on the same page in making damned well sure officials, Riley and the PGMOL are held to account and are not allowed to get away with deliberate bias and failure to apply the laws of the game, officials have adversely affected the outcome of and destination of the Premier League trophy in 2 of the last 4 seasons with inexcusable wrong decisions ultimately ensuring the trophy ended up in the wrong hands, undeserving hands

    It has to stop, Tierney and Kavanagh should categorically NOT be allowed to officiate in any capacity in any game involving Liverpool, or either Manchester club, that should be set it stone before a ball is kicked, they should both be under police investigation for match fixing and have been expelled from officiating in any capacity in my opinion.

    The Premier League has been damaged as a product in recent seasons and especially last as a result of such brazen bias with decisions everyone involved in football in any capacity can see are very clearly deliberately wrong, you can't make those decisions wrong by mistake with the footage they had available to them - Our media may be either involved in the bias or just not nearly as comfortable pointing it out when it turned out it did decided the outcome of the title race unjustly as they were in pointing it out when the point it robbed the bitters of might have meant them going down

    'When Liverpool do well, we all do well' and they all need to remember that, for 3 of the last 4 seasons Liverpool have been the only club making sure the Premier League remains the exciting product it is and hasn't been reduced to a one team league procession by sportswashing and FFP fiddling, they should show some damned gratitude rather than let Liverpool be blatantly robbed of 2 titles they absolutely earned in 2 of those seasons and say nothing
    "If Everton were playing at the bottom of my garden, i'd close the curtains”

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    Fuck it ,I'll do the big games this season . Starting with the first home game ,Palace at home then City in October. Then Everton and Utd in the New year then the last home game of the season against Villa.
    You're only here once.



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