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Thread: A new season begins today. Don't forget to enjoy it.

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    A new season begins today. Don't forget to enjoy it.

    I know everyone is made differently. I know folks can't help but lean towards the negatives in life.

    I understand that people stress about a midfielder or investment or the need to get 90+ points to beat Man City, with no guarantees.

    But please. Please. If you can - enjoy it.

    None of us know how long we have, all of us are going through different things. All of us have people we occasionally take for granted when we shouldn't. All of us want to better ourselves. We'll all have faced difficulties in the workplace. We'll all have had setbacks with our health.

    This Football malarkey we love so much is and always should be an escape. There will be setbacks, but ultimately it is to be enjoyed. Despairing faces of opposition centre-backs as Nez peels away. Mo Salah's footwork. A sumptuous Trent cross. Henderson's engine. Van Dijk prowling like a Jaguar.

    Appreciate it while it's here. We may feel we deserved to win more and the beautiful game may feel it's crumbling around us as times, but we have beacons of authenticity at our club, not least our wonderful Manager.

    Hopefully this tongue-in-cheek video from PaddyPower embeds while we're on the subject -

    Football. Anfield. Goals. Tackles. Last-minute winners. Breathe it in. There are many highlights to come this season. There are moments that will embed in the memory forever to come. By all means debate online (it would be boring if we didn't!) but don't let the negatives be a burden - we can complain when there's far more to complain about - and the cyclical Nature of football means that will happen to us again.

    Don't regret not making the most of a wonderful time for Liverpool. Bask in the glow of the magnificence that is Klopp and the direction that this squad is going in.

    To a great day and a great season. We all have our disagreements here and there but overall I think we're a pretty good bunch.
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    I will only be happy if we win a trophy or 2
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    FFS firmino is starting

    fk this season
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    Eyes down, look in!



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