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Thread: Other games

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    Southgate is just following what hes been coached himself when he got his coaching badges. certain players play in this way and no thinking outside of the box. foreign coaching systems are much more advanced
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    Quote Originally Posted by ianlfc View Post
    Here's a shock to you all. I don't think that Southgate fella is up to the job.
    He does a good presser, before and after the match, but on the bench and in the throes of the match he always appears clueless, with no Plan B.

    I often wonder if the England team, given their supposed talent, whether it would actually be better if they were just left to their own devices with no input prior too and during the match…from any coaches whatsoever… just let the players figure it out, a là Sunday League… 🤔😁🤣

    How much worse could it possibly be… !!! given the dross we watched last night with the benefit of supposed top class coaching.

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